Spring Newsletter

As a charity nursery we make it our aim to keep our fees low. To enable this to happen we must regularly fundraise. Our next great event being arranged is our ladies pamper evening this is on Saturday 7th May at 5pm.

We have held this event before and it is a great way for you mums, nans, aunties, friends etc. to get together for a few hours of relaxation, and fun. Tickets are £5 and the first 10 receive a free goodie bag. It is a great evening full of stalls. Treatments, and some mediums, all ranging around £5.

If you would like to have a stall or an area for you to sell your own products please come into see us in the office or Charlene in the Monkey/ Ladybird room. Any donations for our raffle will be greatly appreciated.

News from the rooms.
We were sad to hear that our Lizzie from the Butterfly room is not going to be coming back after maternity leave as her husband has been offered a great new position in Germany so commuting is a little too much to ask. However we have been able to employ Kim Holland who has her certificate in Primary Education. We are hoping that she will implement some great ideas which will prepare the children going to school with a confident and secure start. She has a great group of children to lead from all of Stacey, Sharlene and Katherine’s hard work since Lizzie’s absence. Kim will be working closely with Michelle and the Ladybird team to ensure that the children in this room also get these great opportunities.

Sally is putting together a booklet for all of the school leavers to ensure that we are supporting you and your child at this big step in your lives. This will cover the skills needed to give them a good start. Please let us know which school your child has been accepted at when you know and if possible their date of leaving.

If your child is going to school in September please could you provide them with a PE kit of tee shirt shorts and plimsolls, in a bag? The children will be learning together how to dress and undress for PE and having some great physical exercise activities. Ideally by May 1st. if you have any problems getting this please pop into the office and we will help.

All room staff have asked if you can make sure that your child has spare clothes in their bags (not plastic bags) please.

We are developing our gardens at the moment if anyone has any plants, pipes, small metal pans and utensils. We would greatly appreciate them.

Please can you all provide a named sun tan lotion and sun hat please we do not want to limit the time the children play outside.

Duckling’s staff have asked if you could please label bottles etc. as you can imagine 12 bottles all look very similar.

Butterflies team have asked parents to look out for regular email’s from them (please check your junk box) – these emails will inform you as to the learning which the children will be provided with the following term, (topics, outings etc.) Our last one included our new welcome system, which was started to encourage independence, please encourage your children to hang up their own coats, put bags into the baskets, then fill their water bottle, put on the shelf, then they should find their self-registration name and photo graph and put into the plastic name holder provided.

Parents meetings will take place the week of 18th May your room will speak to you about making appointments nearer the time.

Kent County Council have released a great app for your phones and tablets, it has many great areas which provide ideas for days out, and lots of information related to your child’s age, it links to our guidelines within the early year’s foundation stage document. It has a great link to a website about schemas – If you have ever got frustrated with your child emptying out toy boxes or climbing on the back of the sofa, this helps to explain about the ways children learn so the repeated behaviours become less frustrating.

Please look out for and join our Facebook page, Canterbury Day Nursery parent’s page. This does not give anybody access to your posts or information unless your security is set on public and others can then look at your profile.

We have had some great photographs of children being sent in by email from parent’s phones. These are printed off for your child’s learning journey to form a lovely reminder of their early years. Please keep sending them in, they are also a great way of us knowing what your children like doing at home so we can link their learning.